Friday, May 21, 2010

Steve Clemons posted my long article, Gaming Our Way Out of the Crisis, on his blog, TheWashington

Perhaps the most interesting, of an interesting set of comments, came from Paul Wilkinson, who observed:

If a fraction of the time and effort spent analyzing baseball statistics for fantasy baseball leagues had been spent analyzing potential mortgage backed securities flows of funds in the late 90s, the bubble wouldn't have grown nearly as big. Alas, baseball statistics were much more easily available than mortgage securities statistics. Like Oakland A's manager Billy Beane, regulation could be much better informed by Bill James than by the pre-Moneyball traditions of the game. When metrics are open and transparent, you have a national pastime like baseball. When they're inaccessible and incomparable, you have an international disaster like the RMBS crisis.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jim, Bill, formally of Henderson, now Las Vegas. "Big Move" as you mentioned. Great to see you and Cal, but miss Eric. Hope Neal is doing well, Selling Shoes. With all the talk of Michelle Bachmans "Gafs," why no press mention of Obamas reference to having visited all 57 States, or Chuck Schummers belief that the 3 branches of Gvmt are "the senate, the house and the Presidency.